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How myhelp2kids works

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Let's go! Choose the country and focus (Education, Children’s Home, Sports, or Health) and select a need your campaign will raise funds to support.

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Upload photos from your time volunteering or select one from our images gallery. You can make your own campaign as personal as you want with photos, videos, and text explaining in your own words why your campaign matters or choose from the media and text already available.

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Get creative! Share your campaign with friends and family. Dedicate your birthday to forego presents and have loved ones donate to your campaign instead. Host a bake sale or a fun run- the possibilities are endless and every contribution makes a difference. Thank you!

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Progress and statistics

1000 Kids

help2kids provides basic health care and services to approximately 1000 children in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, through our Health Project, which began in 2015.

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Staff of 40

help2kids employs more than 40 people in Tanzania and Malawi from international and local backgrounds. Each staff member cares immensely for the children and works hard to improve their lives.

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USD 65'000

help2kids spends over USD 65'000 each year to support more than 800 students across Nursery, Primary & Secondary education projects in Tanzania.

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myhelp2kids Video

Check out our myhelp2kids information video to learn more about our efforts and projects in Tanzania and Malawi and the myhelp2kids platform. Through myhelp2kids, you can choose a need that’s important to you and create a unique campaign to raise funds for that project. Be creative with your fundraising and get your family and friends involved. Every donation helps make a difference!

Money tracking

We’ll send an email once your personal goal is reached and once the need is fully funded. help2kids will send you a brief report with pictures once the need is met in-country.

Direct donations

If you’d prefer to make a direct donation towards one of the needs rather than creating your own campaign or contributing to an existing one, donate here.