Beyond Standard 7

by Ashley Krejci-Shaw

Urgent Need: 6 Bajeviro Primary School Grads in need of secondary sponsorship

Top donors:

1.Frank Hakenjos151.26 $
3.Erich Vogt50.30 $
4.KAYIN C. JONES50.00 $
5.Quinetha Frasier50.00 $

As a former volunteer with help2kids, I am spreading awareness about an urgent sponsorship need for six Bajeviro Primary School graduates in Tanzania. I can attest to the high level of care and quality education that the youth receive. More so, I have met the youth who - despite their hard work - may not attend secondary school because they have no financial support. I believe with the support of colleagues, friends and family, we can help at least one teen in the month of January. I need your support to do this. Support my campaign to meet immediate need of a primary graduate today to ensure successful, continuation on his or her educational track.

help2kids Tanzania, Education Sponsorship: Send a Student to Secondary School

Country: Tanzania

Project cost: $2450


For USD 2450 you can fund the entirety of a student’s secondary school education. Without external funding, these children from low-income families will be unable to continue their education and must enter the working world with limited career opportunities.

About project

The Education Sponsorship Program connects donors with students in Tanzania who are unable to afford secondary school. The help2kids Education Sponsorship packages includes all of the essential items students need to succeed in secondary school. The package covers school tuition, exam fees, school uniforms, meals, medical care, textbooks, after-school subjects, and administrative costs. Together we can send a child to secondary school and ensure they have all the tools to thrive over those four years.

Your Impact

The Standard 7 students of Bajeviro Primary School graduated this past December. While primary school in Tanzania is funded by the government, secondary education is not. You can send a student to secondary school for four years with just USD 2450. Secondary school gives students an advanced level of schooling, providing them with more career options and the opportunity to pursue higher education.

As the campaign organizer, you will receive regular updates from your sponsored student including academic reports, photos of the student, personal letters, and a letter of appreciation from help2kids.

help2kids Tanzania, Education Sponsorship: Send a Student to Secondary School

The 2015 graduates of Bajeviro Primary School

help2kids Tanzania, Education Sponsorship: Send a Student to Secondary School

Former Standard 7 students working hard to prepare for Form 1 next year