Help the children’s home in Dar Es Salaam

by Tim Woodburn

Support Important Running Costs of the help2kids Children’s Home

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Hello! I am campaigning to raise funds for important needs that benefit children in Tanzania. I believe in the potential of kids and want to do my part to make sure they have the resources necessary to learn, grow, and thrive. Support my campaign so together, we can help kids now.

help2kids Tanzania, Children’s Home: Monthly Utility Costs

Country: Tanzania

Project cost: $390


USD 390 covers the important utility costs of the help2kids Children's Home in Tanzania for one month.

About project

There are many behind-the-scene costs involved in running the help2kids Children’s Home. Home to 30 children and our dedicated staff, the cost to provide water, electricity, charcoal, and gas can be quite substantial. The monthly cost of water, electricity, charcoal, and gas keeps our kids hydrated, provides the light they need to study in the evenings and plays the music for their frequent dance parties, provides the fuel to cook their nutritious meals, and keeps things sanitary and safe for our children to stay healthy and thrive.

Your Impact

Support the help2kids Children’s Home by committing to sponsor some of our less glamorous but crucial needs. For USD 390 you can supply important utilities like water, electricity, charcoal, and gas for our help2kids Children’s Home for one month. Support the Children’s Home by funding the needed utilities that help it run.

help2kids Tanzania, Children’s Home: Monthly Utility Costs

The help2kids Children's Home in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania