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by Nassania Keddy

Pairing Education with Vital Resources: Provide First Aid Kits and Health Training in Tanzania

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Hello! I am campaigning to raise funds for important needs that benefit children in Tanzania. I believe in the potential of kids and want to do my part to make sure they have the resources necessary to learn, grow, and thrive. Support my campaign so together, we can help kids now.

help2kids Tanzania, Health Project: First Aid Kits and Training

Land: Tansania

Projektkosten: $4000


For USD 4000 you can cover the cost of restocking first aid kits at four Health Project partners and providing first aid training to teachers and caregivers for one year

Über das Projekt

The help2kids Health Project serves 750 children throughout Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. The Health Project provides health care and services to the 30 children of the help2kids Children’s Home and Kunduchi Daycare Center, as well as children from two partner orphanages in the area: Watoto Wetu Tanzania, and Chakuwama Orphanage Center. The help2kids Health Project provides each recipient with a first aid cabinet that is re-stocked on a monthly basis. The cabinets are filled with bandages, ointments, rapid malaria tests, a thermometer, cold and flu medications, antibiotics to be administered under a doctor’s supervision, antibacterial items, sanitary napkins, and other important items to prevent, test, treat illness, infection, and injury.

Dein Einfluss

USD 4,000 covers the costs to re-stock the first aid cabinets at each of the five Health Project beneficiaries each month for an entire year. It also pays for two eight-hour first aid workshops. These workshops, led by medical professionals, accommodate fifteen participants, caregivers from the Children’s Home or partner orphanages, and teachers from the school. Participants are instructed on how to detect, test for, and treat various common illnesses and injuries so they can better care for the children. This myhelp2kids package provides the tools needed to detect and treat illnesses and injuries and pairs these tools with education so that we can effectively improve the health and wellbeing of children today, to ensure successful, sustainable tomorrows.

help2kids Tanzania, Health Project: First Aid Kits and Training

Children at KDCC during a dental hygiene workshop

help2kids Tanzania, Health Project: First Aid Kits and Training

One of our Health Project first aid cabinets

help2kids Tanzania, Health Project: First Aid Kits and Training

Our Health Project manager and an AAR doctor demonstrating proper hand washing sills during a workshop